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Meet Kid Zeta – 16-Year-Old Music Producer From OKC (Oklahoma City)

Meet Kid Zeta a versatile 16-year-old music producer from Oklahoma who can create any beat from Trap to Dance. There’s plenty of talented producers out there but it’s obvious Kid Zeta is part of the few who are gifted because mastering the art of beat making at such a young age isn’t a easy task especially if you have to balance so many things at once and today we’re grateful that Kid Zeta took the time to do an interview with us start reading below and checkout the interview we did with the young producer, hope you guys enjoy.

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Interview with Jaye Neutron – Music Producer and Voice Tag Creator

Jaye Neutron is a 24-year-old music producer and voice tag creator he is the guy to go see if you’re a music producer in need of a voice tag or beats if you’re a recording artist. Neutron has already made beats for some of your favorite recording artists in the industry and has made some Voice Tags for some of your favorite music producers and DJ’s. Enjoy this interview and leave your comments guys.

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