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Interview with Jaye Neutron – Music Producer and Voice Tag Creator

Jaye Neutron is a 24-year-old music producer and voice tag creator he is the guy to go see if you’re a music producer in need of a voice tag or beats if you’re a recording artist. Neutron has already made beats for some of your favorite recording artists in the industry and has made some Voice Tags for some of your favorite music producers and DJ’s. Enjoy this interview and leave your comments guys.

1. You offer services for both Music Producers & Recording Artists which is unique you’ve made yourself more than just a music producer you’re now also a voice tag creator what was your process for idea generation for voice tag creation and did you know that offering this as a service would work?

Well it’s kinda funny because I started doing Voice Tags when I was in the 9th grade. I think I was about 15 or 16 years old then. I was inspired by another music producer who goes by Hoodzone Productions. I don’t think he offered Voice Tags as a service but I know he made his own voice tags and to me his were sick! So I started making my own from there using Audio Editing software. I use to upload snippets of my beats online on several networking websites all the time. So when other producers heard them, I use to get a large number of comments and ratings on my beats just because of my voice tags. Many producers started offering to pay me for voice tags and from there was how I got started. I never really took it serious as a full time service to offer to producers until about 3 years ago when I got signed to Debra Antney’s Mizay Entertainment label and I think it was either a phone call or email I got from Sonny Digital asking me to make him another voice tag. When I made Sonny Digital’s current voice tag I think I was in the 9th grade also. I didn’t really know who he was around that time. I actually stopped making voice tags for a few years after 10th grade cause like I said, I didn’t take it that serious. But when Sonny Digital contacted me again he asked me if I was still doing voice tags and I said no but I was then at the time currently thinking about doing it again. He then told me that I should’ve never stopped. He told me to start on it again cause a lot of producers would buy them from me. It could be a great service to offer to producers who don’t have a signature way of letting their listeners know who is responsible for the tracks they are listening to. Ever since that day he told me that I picked back up on it and never put it back down again.

2. You have an impressive list of placements/credits on your website the lists features some of the biggest names in the industry that many dream about working with, Do you have any advice for producers on how to get placement opportunities and can you name an artist that you’d love to work with living or dead?

Well I don’t know if I could give advice to producers on telling them how to “directly” get a placement with a major artist cause it’s not that easy in most situations. For me I’ve always met an artist through someone else who is connected with them. I think the best advice I could give people is to get out and network with as many people as possible. Don’t be picky on who you want to work with because you never know where it could land you later on in your career. But you have to consistently network.

3. What do you like best about the internet and social media? How do you deal with set-backs and negative experiences?

The internet is cool but I don’t stick to the internet as a primary reliable source. The internet is a good source to put your music out there but things happen much quicker when you get out and do some foot work. Meaning yes, you’re gonna have to be able to travel and you may have to make personal sacrifices to achieve your next goal. I’ve had a lot of up and downs while trying to build my career, in fact I’ve had more downs than ups. It has been times when I literally wanted to quit because things weren’t making sense to me. But I had to think about it like this, I’m still young, I have plenty of time, I got my whole life ahead of me. The music industry isn’t going anywhere so why should I? Having that type of mindset kept me going. You got to keep thinking positive so you won’t fail yourself. Every failure is a learning process. God will show you things you need to learn in your career just like things in your personal life your may need to learn. So just keep an open mind and pay attention to EVERYTHING that goes on around you.

4. What frustrates you the most about the music industry?

The people. Point, Blank, PERIOD!! Some people in the industry is what makes the industry so bad sometimes. You definitely have to be careful who you trust. Everyone is always after something in the industry. You may not know exactly what but if something doesn’t feel right. I think you should rely on those instincts. I’ve been in bad contract deals, people who use you for their own goals, people who pretend to be your friend, etc. The number of tricks people could pull on you is a number I can’t count right now. So my best advice for this is that if you want to know something ask a entertainment lawyer that YOU TRUST (also make sure it is your own and no one else’s.), a friend or family relative of your own that may know something, or (my favorite) do your own research. Just about anything you want to know is on the internet.

5. How do you feel about

I like It’s a simple, easy-to-use website where producers can easily sell their beats. I also like that the producers receive their payments instantly instead of waiting a week or two (or even the end of the month) like I’ve seen on some other websites and that we also keep 100% of our commission. To me that’s what made me sign up and try out the website. As a suggestion though, one thing I think I would like to see is a rating system on the website. Like where anyone who is a member could rate beats from a scale of 1 to 5 Maybe have stars or something that the members could click on and also where people could leave comments for their thoughts on each individual beat page that is uploaded onto the site. I think this would make the website a bit more interactive and have something else for people to do while they’re on the website listening to random beats throughout the site.


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