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Meet Kid Zeta – 16-Year-Old Music Producer From OKC (Oklahoma City)

Meet Kid Zeta a versatile 16-year-old music producer from Oklahoma who can create any beat from Trap to Dance. There’s plenty of talented producers out there but it’s obvious Kid Zeta is part of the few who are gifted because mastering the art of beat making at such a young age isn’t a easy task especially if you have to balance so many things at once and today we’re grateful that Kid Zeta took the time to do an interview with us start reading below and checkout the interview we did with the young producer, hope you guys enjoy.

1. Wow dude you’re 16 and very gifted how do you balance school and your producing career?

Making music takes a while for me, I can’t really set down and finish a product in one night like some people can. I put my school work before my music because education is more important than music for me right now. But after my school work is finished, I focus the rest of my time to my family, friends, and creations. My projects go through significant changes, I don’t want my music to sound generic, so I sometimes spend hours trying to find the right mixtures of instruments to put together. All together, I spend 50% with my family and friends, 30% with school work or just something productive and 20% to myself or to my creations.

2. You’re from Oklahoma which isn’t really known for it’s rappers or producers do you feel some kind of pressure to be the first to break the mold?

Actually yeah, Oklahoma isn’t really known for much and it’s a shame. There are a lot of talented, good people here that don’t get recognized for their creations and I’d like to bring more attention to it. I am a very humble person, but I try my best to help people here get exposure, especially people in my school.

3. What is your process for making a beat, What software do you use and what software would you recommend to people out there looking to become producers?

My process is kind of long, I normally start with a simple composition and work on it over time. So I’ll take a very generic piece and spend hours upon hours trying to make something completely different. It’s kind of hard to be original nowadays, there are so many people trying to do the same thing that it’s hard to find the right sound. You might spend hours creating a beat only to find out it sounds exactly like a Johnny Juliano beat that was produced a couple of years ago. So I try to make my compositions as original as possible, It’s a long monotonous process but it pays off. And for people who are looking for good software, I use FL studio. It’s very easy to use and the quality of the compositions you can make in it are unmatched.

4. If you could work with any Artist living or dead who would it be and what do you feel like as a producer you could bring to the table that’s the key to making a hit song?

I’m not sure actually, you would expect my choices to be Tupac or Biggie, and you’re right. But, I’d also like to work with rappers like Hopsin. Rappers that have a positive vibe in their music. I try to stay away from artists that only rap about f****ing peoples girls and smoking six pounds of weed while they’re cruising down Martin Luther King AVE. That kind of stuff gets old, so I’d like to work with any artist that actually tells a story in their raps and stays away from generic BS like most mainstream rappers focus on.

5. How do you feel about

Honestly I love ArtistFuse, It’s a very easy place for producers like me to earn a living. The thing I like most about the website is not having to send out leases all day, instead of having to send out leases manually, the buyer gets the lease on the spot. And I also like being able to keep 100% of my profits.


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